◤◥ archlinux AUR3

download the bash reference client

Welcome to AUR3, an enhanced and simplified mirror of the Arch User Repository. You won't find any flashy web two point zero asynchronous javascript here. There is no login, there is no search bar. There is no website beyond this landing page. So what is there?

Real search, with regular expressions

Full Python regex is supported. For example, find every version controlled development package:

aur3 -n '-(git|svn|cvs|bzr|hg|darcs)$'

Complete details about a package, right in your console

Every bit of trivia is collected and tracked. Number of comments? Yes. Makedepends? Yes. I could go on, but there is a lot. Take a look at a random package's information with

aur3 -i $(aur3 -n '.*' | shuf -n 1)

A (nearly) complete backup of everything

AUR is down? No worries. You can still download mirrored source packages with "aur3 -g"

Every pkgbuild from the AUR, in one convenient tarball

Are you a hoarder of data? A compulsive statistician of meaningless minutia? Sleep easier at night knowing that you have the total efforts of the Arch community safe in hand. The tarball is about 12MB and is updated once a day. Download it here:
Or if you want all the metadata (6MB):

A clean API, designed for shell scripts

You don't have to use the reference client. It is just a thin wrapper to a few network calls. You can download the info with Curl, and regex search with Netcat.

curl -s http://aur3.org/rpc/name_of_package
echo 'n -(git|svn|cvs|bzr|hg)$' | nc aur3.org 1819

(Use echo 'd ...' to search descriptions.) Any downloader will work and any socket client will work. If netcat is too heavy for you, try pure bash sockets. To process the json sanely, use the jshon parser.

A warm fuzzy feeling of safety, with package signing

If you've always wanted signed (source) packages in Arch, AUR3 delivers. All uploads must be signed by a registered user and all packages will have sig files. For now registration is a fairly adhoc process that probably ruins about a dozen security best practices.

Try to use the same name and email address your AUR account. At the very least, the public key must be sent from the same email address in your official AUR account.

Once your key is registered you'll be able to update your packages, adopt orphans or create new packages. Before too long (once finer grained permissions are added) you'll be able to do a whole lot more.


This mirror is hardly perfect. If you have a glitch or feature request, do not hesitate to contact me (keenerd) on #archlinux or at bbs.archlinux.org